Sweet Potatoes 25 Different Ways

Sweet potatoes don’t have to be just for the holiday season! Check out these — different ways to serve up sweet potatoes any time of the year!

Healthy Casserole Recipes

Check out this list of healthy casserole recipes. A lot of these can be used/substituted throughout the holiday season to keep from avoiding those extra inches! You can also check out my post on Holiday Detox Ideas here as well for extra tips on how to stay trim through the holiday season!

Affordable Parisian Skincare and Makeup

We all know that the Parisians have all the hacks on skin care and make up! Not only the best fashion comes out of Paris… their skin care and make up is amazing too. Let’s face it…. Even if you have the perfect 10 step skin care routine but aren’t complimenting it with good quality make up then you might as well throw out all the skin care. Below is a list of my favorite skin care and make up routine from a Parisian line called Acti Labs! I came across this brand nearly 2 years ago and it has been life changing.

The Best Organic Skincare: Men’s Edition

At short and sweet we talk a lot about food, health, and beauty. My audience is typically catered towards women, well… because I am a woman. But I do know a thing or two about what women like for men and good skin is one of them! Yes! It’s true… we love good smells and soft skin and the AXE body spray isn’t cutting it anymore… Below are a round up of all different Organic Skin Care for the MEN!

The Best Organic Skin Care

Shop the best skincare Short and Sweet can find. These luxurious items include things like body scrubs, bars of soap, face scrubs, lip scrubs, and more. All of these items pass the test of vegan, cruelty free, organic, all-natural and handmade! Give your skin the best of the best with these items I have rounded up below…